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Upcoming Releases

Here are the books currently on my publishing schedule, along with their projected release dates. These dates are subject to change.

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It Began With Us tells the story of Bridget and Calum. Find out how the parents of the McIntyre clan met and fell in love. 

The year is 1985. First-year kindergarten teacher Bridget O'Malley rushes into a burning apartment building to rescue the mother and newborn sister of one of her students. Veteran Chicago firefighter Calum McIntyre can't believe his eyes - who is this fearless young woman who's running into a fire? Is she out of her mind? More importantly, could she ever be interested in a rough-around-the-edges old bachelor like him?

Release Date: TBD

Cover and preorder link are coming.


Wrecked. Have you ever wondered how Sam and Cooper met? You're about to find out. Their prequel book tells the story about how they met, how Cooper messed up, and how they fell in love.

Release Date: TBD

Preorder link coming

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